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Crash boom bang! Lynda Woodruff set to appear in the Melodifestivalen final

Drumroll… very exciting! Lynda Woodruff will be making her comeback this weekend. The most beloved EBU spokeswoman of them all is set to appear during the Melodifestivalen final in Sweden. The woman behind the character, Sarah Dawn Finer, has just announced that.

The life of Lynda Woodruff

Lynda Woodruff first made an appearance in Melodifestivalen 2012. She then introduced the host country: Azerjaban.. jaban… well, to Baku. With her English accent and unique style, Lynda became an instant fan favourite.

It was therefore no surprise when SVT asked the already beloved Sarah Dawn Finer to reprise her role during the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. She was asked to introduce Sweden to the viewers of the contest and did that in her own way. For the episode of the second semi, she brought us to Malmö and accidentally ended up in Copenhagen. She needed Bonnie Tyler on her GPS to bring her to the right place.

Her so far final appearance came during Melodifestivalen 2016. In her bit, she introduced the viewers to Stockholm, the host city of Eurovision. We didn’t get to see much of it though, as Lynda decided to take us on a journey through Sweden’s holiday traditions, including the song “Helan Går” and a good amount of ‘nubbe’, it’s fair to say that we saw a whole new side of Lynda. She even introduced us to her two friends, Hope and Glory…

Sarah Dawn Finer and Lynda

The return of Lynda Woodruff may not come as a major surprise. Sarah Dawn Finer is one of the hosts of this year’s Melodifestivalen. Fans have been calling for another episode of Lynda Woodruff’s life since that announcement.

By now, Sarah can be seen as a true Melodifestivalen icon. She participated twice, in 2007 and 2009, and then went on to host the show a few times. She first did so in 2012, then came back for a semifinal in 2016 and finally, this year she’s one of the four hosts. This year, she’s doing the job together with Eric Saade, with whom she released a new single, Marika Carlsson and Kodjo Akolor.

Sarah Dawn Finer announced the news of Lynda Woodruff’s return on her Facebook page. You can see the post below!

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