Tel Aviv 2019

EBU confirms name change to North Macedonia ahead of Eurovision 2019

The European Broadcasting Union has confirmed that the nation formerly known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will now be referred to by their new name, North Macedonia. Additionally, the nation will be represented by their new name in Tel Aviv this May.

A historic deal

At the end of January, the Governments of Athens and Skopje agreed a historic deal to end decades of disagreement over the Macedonia name. The most visible change of this was to change the name of the former Yugoslav nation to North Macedonia.

With the Skopje Government now asking all international organisations to use their new North Macedonia name in future, the EBU is naturally one of those to be involved.

Name change for Eurovision

Now, has confirmed that Tamara Todevska will represent North Macedonia via the official participants list. Furthermore, all references to F.Y.R. Macedonia have now been replaced by North Macedonia.

Additionally, on the official website of the EBU, the list of member broadcasters now shows broadcaster MRT as representing North Macedonia, confirming the name change complete in all EBU circles.

2019 entry revealed on Friday

On Friday, Tamara Todevska will unveil Proud, the first entry under the new North Macedonia moniker. North Macedonia will be hoping that the change brings a change in fortunes at Eurovision and make 2019 their first qualification since Kaliopi achieved the feat in 2012.

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