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San Marino: Serhat unveils “Say Na Na Na”

STOP! Drop EVERYTHING you are doing right now because the the moment you have been waiting for is finally here! If you didn’t know already, then San Marino went with their usual strategy of “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” when picking their entrant. No, Valentina isn’t back with another Siegel project, instead we got the one and only Serhat back. And he has just released his absolute banger of a Eurovision 2019 entry accompanied by a music video full of good vibes and beautiful green screen scenery!

You just found out that the song is out and you expect more walls of text? There’s no way you can resist saying Na Na Na after hearing this! So what are you waiting for? Go and check it out down below! GO GO GO!

Only Serhat himself could be behind something this fun and he is indeed one of the co-writers. The other one being Mary Susan Applegate, who isn’t a stranger to Eurovision herself, being one of the lyricists behind 2012’s “Party for Everybody” as well as 2016’s “Help You Fly”. And you can thank Serhat’s long time collaborator Thierry Vergnes for directing the video you see above!

Here is the spotify link for the entire album (including all the remixes your heart could desire):

The Sir with the Hat

Fun fact #1: Serhat doesn’t always wear a hat.

As if the man needs any introduction! Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu (can’t imagine why he only goes by his first name, announcers would have so much fun trying to pronounce that) is a singer, producer and TV show host from Turkey. He started his long career in 1994 by hosting the turkish version of “Jeopardy” known as “Riziko” and quickly turned to music in 1997, continuing to gain popularity ever since.

His big international breakthrough however came thanks to the single “Total Disguise” which he performed with Viktor Lazlo (who was actually the presenter for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1987). The song became a huge hit, topping charts all across Europe and leaving an especially long-lasting mark in Greece. It’s no surprise then that he released a steamy new version of it just last year with the Greek superstar and Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou! It is still stuck in our heads after all these months…

To all of us Eurovision fans however, he is certainly best known for representing San Marino back in 2016.

I Didn’t Know

Fun fact #2: Waching just one Serhat video a day raises your natural testosterone level by 1.254%.

If you genuinely didn’t know Serhat represented San Marino once before then you have probably been living under a rock this entire time and we welcome you back into society! Yes, back in 2016 San Marino chose Serhat to sing a slow, romantic ballad titled “I Didn’t Know”. The original version…

…Was clearly too saucy for family oriented television. So Serhat did the one logical thing he could. HE DISCOFIED IT! With a fresh new sound, a group of experienced backing singers and one insanely purple outfit, the entry went on to finish 12th in the semi-final. That might seem low at first, but it’s actually San Marino’s third best result in the contest. So if Serhat came that close to qualifying last time, one can only hope that things work out even better for him this year!

What do you think about the song? Is it better than I Didn’t Know? Do you think it can qualify? WHEN are we getting that Valentina and Serhat duet that’s clearly written in the stars?

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