New Music Friday this week with Mahmood, WURST, ALEKSEEV, Imri and more!

It’s been a busy week at ESCXTRA with the flurry of internal selections! Now it’s our favourite time of the week and time to party with all the latest New Music Friday releases. From ALEKSEEV to WURST the following pages will guide you through what’s happening in the world of your Eurovision favourites.

Mahmood – ‘Soldi’ – (Benny Benassi Remix)

Usually we don’t share Eurovision or national final entries. However as the in house guru on remixes, I made an exception for this banger that needed to infect everyone’s eardrums! After winning Sanremo 2019 Mahmood and ‘Soldi’ quickly established itself as one of the favourites for Tel Aviv. Now the DJs and clubs of Europe also have a favourite to rotate.

Very little has changed, with the exception of having the Italian king of production and remixing, Benny Benassi, giving the song new life with a throbbing electro-house beat pulsing through the instrumental. It was during the early 00s that house music came to prominence in the charts, thanks to pioneers such as Benny Benassi. Starting with his most famous track ‘Satisfaction’ released in 2002. Have your speakers up loud for ‘Soldi’ 2.0 and enjoy!

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