Lithuania: “Run with the Lions” revamped for Eurovision

Last February 23rd Jurijus and his song “Run with the Lions” won the Lithuanian national final. In an interview to LRT, the national broadcaster, Jurijus has confirmed that his song was revamped for the Eurovision 2019. Lithuania will compete in the second half of the second Semi-Final on May 16th. Will this new version increase the Lithuanian chances for the contest?

The revamp and preparations for Eurovision

According to the interview given to LRT, Jurijus went to Switzerland last weekend to meet the composers of his song. The authors of “Run with the Lions” are the British Ashley Hicklin, the American Eric Lumiere and the Swiss Pele Loriano. Jurijus reveals to LRT that he spent a whole day in the studio, as everything was rewritten. He explains the process with his composers behind the revamp:

“They are top-level professionals – there was a long breakthrough before each record, we discussed every word of the song – what it means to impart emotion. It is important for them how the performer feels. It’s no secret that everything costs, nothing is free, but money is a third or fourth thing. It is more important for them how you feel as you sing, what can be improved.”

In the interview, we can see that the opinions of the fans are important to him, as he says:

“You can really expect a new sound. We made a new middle part of the song, and it will be much more powerful. People have a lot to say about us. Although I am told to not read the comments, I still read. The people in the comments said that the song doesn’t have any developement, so we thought with the songwritters what else can we do.”

According to the singer, the decision of renewing the song wasn’t only because of external pressure. The idea was born together with his songwritters. The artist says there is still a lot of work to do and he plans to improve his vocals to achieve the best result:

“I’m training at home, but before going to Israel, I will still go to the vocal teacher Victoria Kalpokaite. She is a true vocal specialist who helped me not only vocally, but also emotionally.”

The Lithuanian representative will be present in several Eurovision concerts that are held every year in various European countries. We will be able to see him in London, Amsterdam and Madrid.

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