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Michael Rice releases “Bigger Than Us” on Spotify

Today we wake up to the realisation that UK representative Michael Rice has finally released his entry “Bigger Than Us” on Spotify! And no, it isn’t on Apple Music. Yet

No revamp this year

In contrast to previous years, the UK entry for 2019 has not had a revamp. While a revamp improved the quality of “Storm” and “Never Give Up On You” in 2018 and 2017, nothing has changed with “Bigger Than Us”. Would you say that this is a good thing? Did it not need changing after all?

You can listen to “Bigger Than Us” here (it also comes with a karaoke version!):

United Kingdom in Eurovision 2019

The UK will be represented by Michael Rice with the song “Bigger Than Us”, after he won the national selection Eurovision: You Decide. Michael is best known for winning the first series of the singing competition All Together Now last year. However, in 2014 he entered The X Factor, where he was eliminated in the boot camp stage.

He will perform at the Grand Final of Eurovision 2019 on May 18

Are you a fan of the UK entry this year? Do you think it needed a revamp? Let us know on our social media pages @ESCXTRA!

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