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Ester Peony releases music video for “On A Sunday”

It’s Sunday, so what better time for Romania to reveal their music video for the Eurovision Song Contest. Ester Peony will represent them with the appropriately titled “On A Sunday”.

It’s spooky in here…

In the video, Ester Peony definitely tries to create the moody, haunted atmosphere. The house she’s in is dark and empty, except for a giant aquarium in the ceiling. With clever lighting, the result is in fact a very intriguing video.

You can watch the video for “On A Sunday” below:

A shock winner

When starting Selecția Națională this year, not many had predicted Ester Peony to come out on top. She had to battle it out with fan favourites Laura Bretan and Bella Santiago. After the jury votes, which counted for 87,5% of the result, Ester Peony was the clear leader. The televote result put her in eighth place, but it was enough to hold on to her lead. She won the show and the right to represent Romania in Tel Aviv.

Ester’s victory there was one of the biggest shocks of the season. The Romanian-Canadian singer will now travel to Tel Aviv. There, her task will be to bring Romania back to the Grand Final of Eurovision. Last year, The Humans ended Romania’s 100% qualification record when “Goodbye” failed to qualify.

Can Ester Peony do better? Let us know what you think!

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