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Malta: Michela Pace reveals “Chameleon”

We are almost at the finish line, everyone! The Eurovision releases have been keeping us busy celebrating, ranking and arguing for the past few months, but today it all comes to an end. No more teasers, leaks of dubious quality or countdowns counting down to different countdowns. Just a few more spots to fill in our rankings and we can get one of them done right away. “Pace” yourselves and get ready, because Michela’s entry, “Chameleon”, is now out!

No, you are not back in 2016 listening to Ira Losco again. This is an entirely DIFFERENT Chameleon. An upbeat and modern reggaeton track that is taking us all on a technicolour journey straight to the dance floor. There is no walking away from this beat. So come on, chameleon! Join the rest of us and watch the fantastically vibrant and lush music video down below:

Behind the song we can find members of Symphonix International showing up for the second time this year. Of course we all remember (and dearly miss) their Bulgarian entries from 2016, 2017 and 2018, but they were also behind Austria’s entry from last year and Serbia back in 2017 among many many others. Their team has brought success to plenty of artists before, so let’s hope the same rings true this time!

She had that special…X Factor

Malta did away with their usual national final selection this year and instead decided to focus on a brand new project. Something fresh, new AND exciting: X FACTOR! Well fresh and new to them at least. This was the first time X Factor was coming to Malta. So they just decided to kill two birds with one stone and make the winner of that their Eurovision entrant as well.

It was clear from the very first moment that there was something very special about 17 year old Michela Pace. A seemingly shy exterior hid a POWERFUL voice that blew everyone away and made her go viral on social media right after her first audition. She continued impressing the viewers and the judges week after week all the way up to the big final where she went against three other contestants. Spoiler alert: SHE WON. And after a few more months of waiting, we have finally arrived at this very moment in time to hear her actual entry.

Warning: Strictly Taboo from here on!

Last year, however, Malta hosted an actual nation final with 16 songs. As is the case more often than not, the one featuring G:son’s name won the entire show thanks to an eye-catching performance from a Borg.

FAR less scary and way more human! The beautiful Christabelle Borg made it her goal to break the taboo’s around mental illness with her entry “Taboo”. Unfortunately the message didn’t reach the viewers nor the juries well enough and she failed to qualify, finishing 13th in the semi-final. Hopefully it still managed to inspire people out there to talk about their issues and seek help.

What do you think about the song? Is it better than Taboo? Do you think it can qualify? How long until Malta gets their own “common framework”?

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