Eurovision 2019: A guide to ranking your favourites!

We've created a handy guide to determining your favourite entries and sorting them!

This morning, KAN, the host broadcaster for Eurovision 2019, introduced yet another method for determining your favourite entries – the excellently titled ‘Douze or Boos’. This joins a number of apps and sites that help fans sort, score and rank their favourite entries. In light of this, we’ve made a short guide to help with the daunting process of ranking this year’s Eurovision songs.

Okay, so the day has finally arrived – 11th March, the Heads of Delegation meeting. For the first time in years, we got to hear all 41 entries in advance of this event, albeit by less than a day. So you now have 41 songs to listen to. Exciting? Yes. Daunting? Also yes, especially for those of you who haven’t been following 20+ national selections over the past few months. Even for those who have, we received over 10 new entries over the past seven days. As the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel continues to upload videos of the 41 entries, it might be worth looking into how best to find your faves. To help, we’ve prepared a short guide for how a fan might go about doing this.

Douze or Boos

Announcement of ‘Douze or Boos’

As I mentioned earlier, the Israeli broadcaster KAN just announced the release of ‘Douze or Boos’, a brand new app to help fans sort the 41 entries. The app, as you might have gathered, adopts a Tinder-like model which comprises of a simple swipe-based ‘yes’ or ‘no’ format. Although the app is very much designed to engage non-hardcore-fans (or ‘casual fans’), it’s still worth checking out. It’s especially clever in that it doesn’t attach the countries or acts to their entries until after you pick. Of course, for those who have already watched the national finals, followed the artists (plus their producers and songwriters) on Instagram and learned the lyrics and choreography…this might not be an entirely useful feature. Still, it’s a fun and interactive way to engage people in this year’s contest! It is especially useful for introducing this year’s entries to your friends who don’t follow Eurovision.

Mr. Gerbear’s Eurovision Favourites Sorter

Now, once you’ve become acquainted with all 41 entries and want to attempt a ranking, we highly recommend this fun and user-friendly web-based generator to do this. In a series of ‘battles’, you are faced with a choice between two entries, which automatically sorts your preferences into a handy ranking. Not only is this practical and transparent, but it involves the added spice of moral panic when choosing between two of your favourite entries! Of course, it is equally difficult having to decide which out of two of your least-favourites you dislike the least…

My Eurovision Scoreboard App

Promotional video for the app from 2017

So, you’ve now identified your favourites AND you’ve arranged all 41 entries into a handy lil’ ranking. What next? Well, I think you’re ready to enter the big leagues – the My Eurovision Scoreboard app! A recent fan invention; the app allows you to rank the entries and contribute to an overall ‘community ranking’. In addition, you can generate a share-able top 10 and follow your friends to see what their rankings are. Once you follow people, you can also great groups and generate a ranking between you!


And of course, we couldn’t make an ESCXTRA guide without plugging our own polls! If you missed out on the smash hit that was ESCPrediction, you can still get involved with our polls! These polls will be running all the way into May, so you can see how fan favourites change in the run up to the contest.

Our latest ‘Who is your favourite’ poll, the first to include all 41 entries, went live this morning. This will run over the next two weeks, before a new poll starts in late March, just ahead of pre-party season.

What do you think of KAN’s ‘Douze or Boos’? Which of these apps and sites are you using? Let us know! Be sure to stay updated by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter@escxtra on Instagram and liking our Facebook page for the latest updates!

Costa Christou

Ever since I saw Helena Paparizou's triumph at Eurovision in 2005 (at the tender age of 6), I have been crazy about Eurovision. From the regional native language bops and shrieky female-led balladry to the sophisticated avant garde pop songs and chart-friendly EDM, I love everything about this cultural phenomenon. I'm currently working as a Delivery Manager in a software development team.

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