National finals revisited: From Aly Ryan to Wiktoria (Part 1)

The national final season is over. Back in December, Albania were the first to choose their entry through Festivali i Këngës. Since then, we’ve had many Super Saturdays. The final show of the season came from Stockholm this weekend, where Melodifestivalen found its winner in John Lundvik.

Throughout the season, we have all managed to fall in love with certain songs. If you’re lucky, all of those songs actually won their national final. Most of us aren’t on that side of luck, however. And that is why we’re bringing you our favourite national final entries that did not end up at the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s time for National Finals Revisited!

Click through the pages below to find out who Nick, Sean, Natalie, Tom, Wiv and Sara will be missing in May…

Nick: Aly Ryan – Wear Your Love (Germany)

Germany were on the right track last year, cashing a fourth place and a hit in several countries. This year, I heard their selection and there she was: Aly Ryan. At that point in the season, a true saviour for me. The performance needed some work – and Aly will be the first to admit it. However, it was a spectacular visual, a wonderful stage show and the song is just too incredible to even think about ignoring it. This would’ve given Germany another boost in the contest – one they need so badly. Oh well, I’m just going to continue to wear the love for “Wear Your Love”.

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