Eurovision Trivia: Too Late for Melodifestivalen?

As you might expect, this week, I’d say we have a fairly Melodifestivalen-focused quiz. As the big end to National Final season, it gets more written about it, more people watching it, and therefore, greater scope for questions about it. And the winner certainly seems like a popular one. But with the end of National Final season and the start of Eurovision countdown season there’s plenty else going on with the other stragglers. Let’s see how much trivia you can entangle.
Every question in this quiz is related to ESCXtra articles published during the last week. Maybe also a few days either side. Perhaps it was something being reported, maybe it is some information that our writers left in the article. Very occasionally it’ll require a little bit of Eurovision knowledge outside of that. The majority of the answers will have been on this website very recently.

In any case, I hope you’ll join us and have an attempt at the very latest in Eurovision trivia. It’ll also serve as a useful reminder of the headlines you have been reading this week.

Minor technical note: I’ve noticed that sometimes the quizzes do not work in that you are unable to click on any of the answers. If this has happened to you, please try changing browsers or updating them, this tends to fix the problem.

We now have every entry for Eurovision, and National Final season is over. Internal selections are all revealed. But which country was the last one to officially reveal their entry?

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The host nation! Kobi Marimi released his entry on Sunday. Armenia also revealed their entry on Sunday but some hours earlier, so if you picked that one, you're pretty close.

The big event that effectively finishes off National Final season was for many, the final of Melodifestivalen in Sweden. How many points (from both televoting and juries) did winner John Lundvik win with?

John Lundvik celebrates his Melodifestivalen 2019 win.
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181 points all together, over 70 ahead of his nearest rival.

John Lundvik has said that he missed out on competing in Melodifestivalen in which of the following years?

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Apparently a last-minute entry by Loreen stopped him. She returned with the rather good Statements that ultimately failed to get to the Melfest final in that year, somewhat shockingly. Lundvik of course participating himself in 2018, he didn't miss out there.

Which entry finished bottom of the Melodifestivalen jury vote but went on to get a respectable top 5 finish with massive support from the Swedish public?

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With only 19 points from the juries, it seems like they weren't up for a good joik. The public certainly were though, giving Jon Henrik his third Melodifestivalen top 5 without ever winning (someday?)

'Too Late For Love' is very different (and lightyears better) than John Lundvik's first Melodifestivalen entry 'My Turn'. What makes it different?

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'My Turn' was a piano ballad, and in my opinion, an incredibly drab one. While still sounding very much like the same artist, he's completely changed how he comes across. It's upbeat, has much more energy from the backing band that come in halfway through the song and, and I didn't put this in as an option as it's very slight and somewhat subjective, the instrumental contains these synths that are only a small remix away from putting it on a tropical house playlist, in fact I would not be surprised if one is made. A great modern song.

Okay, this is not solely a Melodifestivalen quiz. Armenia's Srbuk released her song. What is that called?

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The others (except for Qami) are other Srbuk songs.

Over in Malta, we have the finish of X Factor for winner Michaela Pace. Which animal is she going to be emulating in Tel Aviv?

Chameleon Michela Pace
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Look how seamlessly 'Chameleon' blended in with all of those 'P' answers (or perhaps not).

Sergey Lazarev's Russian entry has the title of 'Scream'. Going into this Eurovision, it seems apt because Russia have not been to the final since...?

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With Sergey's last entry no less. With a withdrawal in 2017 and their first ever non-qualifier in 2018, Russia may be feeling a little on edge at their prospects in Eurovision. It remains to be seen whether 'Scream' will be a triumphant scream at their return to the final, or a desperate scream as they continue to wallow in despair. Which will it be? Stay tuned until May to find out.

Christer Bjorkman is returning to be a producer for Tel Aviv 2019. How many Eurovisions, including this one, will he have produced?

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He has produced from 2016-2019 inclusive, taking over in 2017 after resignations, and being asked to take Lisbon on. He also produced 2013, when Sweden also hosted. Produced is starting to not look like a word. Anyway, yes, Bjorkman is in charge of a great many things about the show, including the running order.

Ah yes, running order. A great chance for Eurovision nerdery. Israel have chosen early, as the hosts do. They have drawn 14th? This seems familiar. Which recent hosts also drew 14th?

Kobi Marimi
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Israel will be hoping that that isn't an omen, although looking at the results of recent hosts (Sweden excepted because Sweden are always excepted), it may not matter too much anyway. But who knows, maybe 'Home' will shrug off the host's curse. Good luck!

Eurovision Trivia: 13/03/2019
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You've done really quite well to have a good grasp of what's going on at the moment in Eurovision, so very well done for getting a good part of this quiz right!
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There's absolutely no shame in not knowing what's going on at the moment. Countries have been revealing left and right, and it's easy to get left behind. Hopefully this quiz has given you some knowledge in that regard.

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