#WatchWithWiv ALL the 2019 entries!

Have you ever wondered what a semi-crazy Eurovision fan might look like the first time they listen to your favorite (or least favorite) entries? Or do you just love discussing Eurovision? On Saturday you can do both, if you join us for #WatchWithWiv !

Up until now, our Wiv has only listened to 12 of this year’s entries. However, on Saturday night she will listen through all the 41 songs, and you are very welcome to join her on the live stream!

Current favorite. Can anything top this? Saturday will show.

Wiv will be joined live by Thomas from escNorge, who is a 100% crazy Eurovision fan (nothing semi about him). Granted, he’s listened to the songs several times already, but he’s definitely not out of opinions on them yet! Also; be prepared for random outbursts of “singalong and choreography”!

I think this was “Bandido”…

We’ll all meet up on Watchtogether for the season’s first “pre-party”, where we can watch and listen to all the entries, and of course have #alltheopinions So invite all your friends along, bring the #bubblesbreadandbrie and get ready to feel #allthefeels

Watch out for the link to #WatchWithWiv on Saturday! We’ll post it everywhere!

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