National finals revisited: From Jon Henrik Fjällgren to Kaia Tamm (Part 2)

Who doesn’t love a good national final season? We most certainly do, so we’re bringing you a short three episode feature with our favourite acts of the 2019 Eurovision season. On Tuesday, we already took you on a journey through Germany, Italy, Sweden and more in part 1 of these series.

Today, we’re going to go back to Sweden for Melodifestivalen, but we’ll also manage to pick up some traffic in the Baltics… From Jon Henrik Fjällgren to Kaia Tamm – find out who Dominik, Vincent, Lisa, Sami, Riccardo and Rigmo liked best in the past season!

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Dominik: Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Norrsken (Sweden)

There is just something magical and wonderful about Jon Henrik and his music. He is not just one of the most genuine and warm-hearted persons I’ve ever met, but he also connects with his viewers while performing and makes them feel all the emotions, even though you don’t understand it. With “Norrsken” you could see that he was enjoying his time so much. He was smiling, dancing and just spreading all the love. Moreover, bringing his reindeer on the LED screen and sharing something from his home with us was very touching. I like the way he is heading personally and musically and I’m super excited what the future holds for him. He deserves only the best! I also think that his culture and personality would be a massive win for the contest and I hope he will come back to share more of his life with us.

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