National finals revisited: From Jon Henrik Fjällgren to Kaia Tamm (Part 2)

Rigmo: Kaia Tamm – Wo sind die Katzen? (Estonia)

Do you like cats? I like cats! They often don’t get the respect they deserve with those pesky dogs there to hog the spotlight all the time.Thankfully Kaia Tamm intended to fix this grave injustice by singing a heartfelt tribute at this year’s Eesti Laul. With Eesti Laul meaning “Estonian Song”, she of course performed the entire song in…German. Because everything sounds much more intense and real if you do it in German. Go ahead, give it a try!

Her act had EVERYTHING: a costume straight out of Alice in Wonderland, scientists, giant cats, dancing gimps and the most intense violin solo this side of the equator as performed by a mullet loving Günther impersonator dressed in a neapolitan ice cream coloured jumpshirt. If that combination of words doesn’t get you excited, then you should reconsider your entire life! All those well thought out, cohesive and completely logical elements came together to form…something. I’m still not quite sure what, but I sure as heck would like to have seen the rest of Europe try to figure it out.

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