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Sergey Lazarev hints at an “epic” performance for Eurovision

We can't wait to see his performance in Tel Aviv!

After presenting his official entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Sergey Lazarev made his first official interview with, where he talked about the reaction to his song and looked back at his experiance in 2016!

“In the situation with Scream, everything is the same”

Following the reaction to his song, he remembered how it was in 2016 and learned a lot from that experience. He said: “I remember what a squall of criticism was after the song “You are the only one”, which I performed in 2016 in Stockholm. There was a lot of talk about which song is not catchy, which one is very “formatted”. Then they spoke to me like that, but after the song went around the others according to the vote of the audience, everyone changed their opinion immediately. They began to sing along, saying that the song is a super hit!”

He compares this situation with his current situation: “In the situation with Scream, everything is the same. Some were taken to hostility, others were liked, goosebumps, it’s a beautiful epic ballad.”

“But you will see the performance will be more epic”

“Scream” is also a song that many did not expect and say it’s very different to many other Eurovision songs and a difficult to describe genre. His answer for that was:

I admit, we had a deliberate move to make an “unformatted” song that will stand out from the others presented at Eurovision, because there must be uniqueness in the song. It must be what distinguishes it from others. In fact, she is a soundtrack to any blockbuster, but you will see the performance will be more epic than movies.

Sergey Lazarev took part in the Russian national final in 2008 with his song “Flyer”. In 2016 he represented his home country in the contest in Stockholm with “You Are The Only One”. He won the televoting and finished third overall. Will 2019 be his lucky year?

What do you think of the song and what do you extect from the performance in Tel Aviv? Let us know on social media @ESCXTRA!

Watch the music video for “Scream” below:

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