National finals revisited: From Gabriella to MARUV (Part 3)

It’s time for the final part of our miniseries National Finals Revisited. We’ve taken a look at twelve entries so far. In part one, we went from Aly Ryan to Wiktoria, with our second part going from Jon Henrik Fjällgren to Kaia Tamm – a great ride so far!

Today, we’re promising you another ecclectic selection of our favourite entries. It’s time to go from Gabriella to MARUV! Click through the pages below to find out what we had to say about all of these.

Nathan Waddell: Gabriella – On Cherche Encore (Never Get Enough)

There was only one choice for me when it came to selecting an entry as my “robbed national finalist contestant”. When Gabriella was eliminated in the second semifinal of Destination Eurovision, I was absolutely furious. In fact, I was apoplectic as anyone who’s close to me can verify. I wasn’t in the final the following week, so much so that I actively avoided it and only tuned in for the results. This piece of francophone pop versus consumerism was everything the Contest needed in 2019. And we didn’t get it. This is my winner of the whole selection season.

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Nick van Lith

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