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Details for this year’s EuroClub and EuroCafe revealed

It’s back! Details on where the EuroClub and EuroCafe will be held have now been announced for Eurovision 2019. So if you’re going to Tel Aviv in May, you might want to read up on this.

Part 1: EuroClub

This year’s EuroClub is situated in the north-west of Tel Aviv at Hangar 11. Unlike last year in Lisbon, OGAE members will have access to the venue with prepaid bracelets. EuroClub will be open from Saturday 11 May to Sunday 19 May from 21:00pm to 04:00am.

EuroClub is made predominantly for accredited press and at times, it is open to OGAE clubs. This would be dependant on the amount of guests turning up, however, as the maximum capacity holds up to 1,000 people.

Part 2: EuroCafe

OGAE Israel have chosen Ha-Oman 17 to be the venue for this year’s EuroCafe. Said to be the “biggest and most advanced nightclub in Israel”, this will mainly be open to everyone in the day and then ticketed at night. It will be open from Sunday 12 May to Saturday 18 May, otherwise known as the Eurovision Grand Final.

More information on both venues, such as tickets and prices, have yet to be announced.

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