When should we expect the Eurovision 2019 running order announcement?

There's been a shift to early April reveals in recent years...

Just under six years ago, the EBU revealed the first ever producer-determined running order draw following the introduction of the rule ahead of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. As we are still awaiting the reveal of the running order for the 2019 Eurovision semi-finals, we’ve taken a look at exactly when the announcement has happened in every contest since the rule’s introduction.

Looking through the archives

To do this, we’ve simply looked through eurovision.tv‘s archives and found the following data:

  • The date of each year’s semi-final running order announcement
  • The date of each year’s mid-March head of delegations meeting. This tends to run over a Sunday to Tuesday period, we have taken the Monday with it widely agreed as the key date during the meeting.
  • The date of day one of each year’s rehearsal schedule.

Our findings

ContestOrder RevealDays After DeadlineDays Before Rehearsals
🇵🇹 Lisbon 20183 April22 days (12 March)26 days (29 April)
🇺🇦 Kyiv 201731 March18 days (13 March)30 days (30 April)
🇸🇪 Stockholm 20168 April25 days (14 March)24 days (2 May)
🇦🇹 Vienna 201523 March7 days (16 March)49 days (11 May)
🇩🇰 Copenhagen 201424 March7 days (17 March)35 days (28 April)
🇸🇪 Malmö 201328 March10 days (18 March)39 days (6 May)


We’ve never had an order reveal later than April 8th, which was 25 days after the entry deadline for Stockholm 2016. Typically, the running order arrives in the last week of March. An important factor in some years could be the Easter weekend, which, in 2016, was as early as between 25 March and 28 March. Last year’s Easter weekend took place between 30 March and 2 April. Nevertheless, with Easter taking place between 19 April and 22 April, this shouldn’t prove any obstacle for 2019.

Nevertheless, despite the increasingly earlier entry deadlines as the years progressed between 2013 and 2015, the running orders for Stockholm, Kyiv and Lisbon took significantly longer to arrive. There definitely seems to be a shift to later running order reveals and it would make it likely that the running orders for Tel Aviv will arrive week commencing 1 April. The slightly later contest also means a slight easing of pressure on producers, further suggesting it will once again come later rather than earlier.

However, the later Easter weekend could mean there are no additional delays to proceedings unlike the early Easter weekends ahead of the Stockholm and Lisbon contests which resulted in our only April reveals to date. Nevertheless, it is virtually guaranteed that we will be given the running order between now and 5 April.

Christer Björkman will be in charge

A couple of weeks ago, it was confirmed that Melodifestivalen’s Christer Björkman will once again be the contest producer for this year’s contest in Tel Aviv. We’re sure he’ll be using his famous post-it system to determine this year’s semi-final running orders!

Here’s what happened ahead of the grand final in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon:

Deciding the running order: 'It's about creating a melody of a lot of melodies'Deciding the running order: ‘It’s about creating a melody of a lot of melodies’

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