Eurovision Trivia: Spirit Of A Friend

Well now, hopefully, you have listened to the songs enough and found out enough trivia that this week’s quiz will be a breeze for you. The first seven questions of this week’s quiz will cover the entries that our Xtra Files team looked at this week. That means questions about the song’s content. They may lean on the insights our team provided, but you shouldn’t have needed to have read the article (although I really do recommend it). If you have heard the song or watched the video you should have a good chance of getting the right answer. For revision, the countries reviewed this week were Cyprus, Norway, Montenegro, Slovenia, Ireland, Finland and the Czech Republic. The other questions are on miscellaneous topics, but there is some nostalgia present.

Every question in this quiz is related to ESCXtra articles published during the last week. Maybe also a few days either side. Perhaps it was something being reported. Maybe it’s some information that our writers left in the article. Sometimes it’ll require a little bit of Eurovision knowledge outside of that. The majority of the answers will have been on this website very recently.

In any case, I hope you’ll join us and have an attempt at the very latest in Eurovision trivia. It’ll also serve as a useful reminder of the songs you’ve been listening to.

Minor technical note: I’ve noticed that sometimes the quizzes do not work in that you are unable to click on any of the answers. If this has happened to you, please try changing browsers or updating them, this tends to fix the problem.

First up, Montenegro. To compensate for their song that has received... mixed reviews, they've gone all out with the video. This features a person playing a traditional cello-like instrument on the beach. What does this cellist look like?

D mol
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Traditional instruments yay!

Next, the Czech Republic with Lake Malawi. This fun song was noted for standing out in the lineup, adding a bit of variety to proceedings. What genre is it that allows them to do that?

Lake Malawi
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Ireland have Sarah McTernan representing them this year. Her lyrics say she is confusing people, that she is with, with... who?

Sarah McTernan
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Every time I’m with somebody I’m confusing them with you.

A highlight for some, including myself, is KEiiNO's Spirit In The Sky from Norway. This joiking song brings Sami ethnic music back to Eurovision, and which Scandinavian country brought it the first time in 1980?

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Norway again! The song 'Sámiid ædnan' also had Sami traditional joiking interweaved within the song just like Spirit In The Sky does. That finished 16th out of 19 entries so one would hope that KEiiNO can beat that.

At the risk of wrath from the rest of the ESCXtra team who have rated Tamta's Replay overall as the best song they've looked at so far, one could describe Cyprus as which song's 2.0?

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Not that sending something in the same musical sphere as a song you've just come 2nd with is a bad thing in the slightest. It's a very fun song and this is coming from one of the more contrarian ESC fans. And as our reviewers said, it is a style that Tamta is experienced with. But there are certainly distinct similarities between 'Replay' and 'Fuego'.

Slovenia has been praised for being a very modern and beautiful song. What tempo is it in?

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl
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No judgement inherent in the question, I'm not always a fan of modern downtempo songs but there's something quite pleasant about it.

Finally, Finland was reviewed, with Darude and Sebastian. It was said their song Look Away won the national final at least in part due to the staging, so what natural themed vista was playing on the back of the stage?

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There was also a lady doing some interpretative dance on stage, themed with the water but I can't really figure out what the purpose is so no question about that.

ESCXtra also posted an update to our wonderful odds article this week, looking back at all the twists and turns that the bookmakers have offered at Eurovision. Do you remember which unusual entry was on top of the odds in the first year we have the records for, in 2007?

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The Ark was second, making a top 2 of two entries that did not reach the left side of the scoreboard in the odds. Eventual winner Serbia was in third on this particular odds snapshot. For more stats, please see our article entitled 'Analysing 12 years of Eurovision odds', a fascinating read.

Which 2019 entry is rising the fastest up the overall rankings of My Eurovision Scoreboard, gaining over 10,000 points this last week... behind only the current top 3?

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3,000 new sets of rankings on the app have been heavily in favour of Malta, pushing it up two places. However it should be noted that this is still half the points gain of the leader, Netherlands.

Anna Bergendahl is performing at London Eurovision! What was the name of her Eurovision entry in 2010?

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Eurovision Trivia: 27/03/2019
Dedicated Eurovision Fanboy
That's right, you've heard all the songs, you've made a ranking, you have your favourites and by Lys Assia you will make sure they are victorious in May. As much as one person can do. Maybe you're going to the event itself! Your knowledge is certainly up there with the best of them.
Eurovision Part-Timer
You maybe don't know everything about Eurovision this year and that's okay. Many people save the surprise for the show itself, and maybe you're among them. That is the sensible thing to do, right?
Eurovision Fan
You've heard quite a few of the songs, and you're really looking forward to this year's event but maybe you haven't heard them all. Or some aspects of the national finals slipped you by. That's quite okay, it'd be some sort of weirdo who would research all the answers to these questions anyway. Like the person who set the questions.

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