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Alesia Michelle’s 2019 Eurovision Acts to WATCH!

Eurovision season is fully upon us. These are the acts to look out for in Tel Aviv, Israel. Whether they make it to the final or not. These are my top acts to WATCH!

The Eurovision Song Contest was first broadcasted on June 6th, 1954. From its inception, everything was about the music. Music is still the focus, but let’s be real— this is a show where everything matters.

A strong song can lose all its steam with tacky & bad staging while a weak song can be elevated to NEW heights with thoughtful staging.

Bottom line: The show matters. The staging matters.

As an American Eurovision fan, I truly look forward to May every single year when the Eurovision Song Contest is fully underway. The songs are at the heart of the show and the performances are what makes it beat. So when you sit down to watch this year’s competion here are a few of the acts you MUST WATCH, because seeing really is believeing.

Iceland, Hatari: “Hatrið mun sigra”

Let’s get the obvious out of the way— aside from their leather-clad bodies and horror inspired make-up, lies a showstopping performance that truly deserves to qualify. Casual Eurovision viewers will experience a range of emotions from fascination to fear. Eurovision die-hards that have been waiting for the “pop-favoring” contest to mix things up are getting their hearts desire.

One thing is for sure, this isn’t a joke act. This entry is a serious critique on the world we live in and you can’t miss this act.

Australia, Kate Miller-Heidke: “Zero Gravity”

This classical contemporary entry from down under already had elaborate staging with a huge light-up dress and an acrobat of sorts bouncing around in a black dress behind her. That was in the national final so we KNOW Australia is going to deliver at the big show in Tel Aviv. Australia takes the contest seriously and they aren’t going to give their representative anything but the best. Kate’s soaring vocals will likely be paired with a stage show to remember.

Portugal, Conan Osiris: “Telemóveis”

The first time I heard a clip of this track I was mesmerized. Upon hearing the full studio track, I was hypnotized and hooked. When I saw the performance, my love for the entry multiplied. To be honest, Portugal’s Festival da Canção had some truly experimental and risky pieces and was a highlight in this year’s national selection season.

What can you expect? Expect bold styling. Expect dance so earthy, ethnic, and authentic it’ll arrest you so much so that you’ll be unable to turn away from your screen. It’s art. It’s risky. It’s something that could potentially bring another win to Portugal.

Russia, Sergey Lazarev: “Scream”

It’s Russia. It’s Sergey Lazarev. It’s going to be a SHOW. Many were setting this entry up as the inevitable winner for Eurovision 2019. While I’m not making any pronouncements of preordained victory, I DO believe that Russia’s Sergey will “WOW” all of us with what they decide to do in Tel Aviv.

Malta, Michela: “Chameleon”

Malta may not have made it into the grand final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, but they did NOT disappoint with their staging last year. I imagine that Malta is planning to lay a reckoning on the Song Contest this year. They have a strong radio-friendly track and if the music video is any indication, I am expecting a show that will be a feast for our eyes—not just in the semis, but at the grand final as well.

Switzerland, Luca Hänni: “She Got Me”

Last year, Eleni Foureira stopped our hearts and set them ablaze with Fuego. Switzerland is poised to do something of the same this year. If Malta is handing out a reckoning— Switzerland is giving the contest an ultimatum and challenge. “She Got Me,” will likely put Switzerland BACK in the Eurovision Grand Final and turn Luca into this year’s Eurovision heartthrob.

Who are you ready to WATCH hit the stage in Tel Aviv!

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