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Eurovision 2019: The musicals coming to a stage near you!

The Eurovision Song Contest has long been loved by the musical theater community but never has a Eurovision song inspired a full musical theater production. (Well sort of… If ABBA never won Eurovision we probably wouldn’t have gotten the magic that is Mama Mia…)

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t help but notice that several of our entries this year sound like they belong in a musical. But what shows would they belong in?

Find out…

“The Dream: The Musical”

Croatia’s Roko has a powerful voice MADE for the stage. In “The Dream: The Musical,” a young revolutionary comes to power to bring peace across Europe particularly between Ukraine and Russia. The young Ukrainian born protagonist moves up the ranks in Russia’s government and after the passing of Putin becomes Russia’s unexpected President. When he gives his first national address to the public, the audience is mixed. The crowd is skeptical of his experience and vision, but when he steps out to address the crowd they are captivated with his oratory glory:

We have lived the darkest night. Waiting for The day. Now the time for us is right. To arise and say. I dream of love. You dream of love. Angels of God. We all dream of love.

“Won’t Back Down: The Musical”

Oto won Georgian Idol with 44.13% of the vote landing this polarizing anthem, “Sul tsin iare” into the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. This song sounds straight out of an epic rock opera and the track definitely closes out “Won’t Back Down: The Musical”. The dystopian musical “Won’t Back Down,” takes place in the year 3000, most of Earth’s human population has died as a result of nuclear war, famine, and climate change. A small band of tribes remain in modern-day Georgia, these tribes constantly have to fight for their autonomy and a future for the human race on Earth. The show closes in the most epic way possible… With the male protagonist singing out, “Sul tsin iare.”

Varada varada …Varada varada …Varada varada, varada rada he.

Varada varada, varada rada…
Iare gulit da zghva gadaiare, Simgherit vushushebt ertmanets iarebs!

“Best Friends Forever: The Musical

Looking for a show to see on your next “Girls Night Out”? This is the show for you. We follow two best friends going through the ups and downs of friendship. They meet in college, where they are both studying advertising and begin working together at a top ad agency in New York City. At one point, our friends are pitted against each other by an evil male boss. They are both gunning for promotions and working in a fully toxic workplace. The song, “Sister” comes at a moment when both women realize that it is time for them to turn on their toxic boss and work together. They sing:

I’m sorry. Sorry for the drama. I tried to steal your thunder. Turns out I don’t wanna. When you said you wanted the world. I said you couldn’t too. You were walking right beside me. But I left no room for you…

The women inspired by #MeToo, call out their boss to the board and leave the agency in a blaze of glory. They launch their own womxn centric ad agency called: S!ster Sister Creative. Go Girls!

Coming Home: The Musical

An older divorced man, Kobi, is bitter about his past, future and present. After being laid off from his job by his much younger boss. Kobi decides to travel back home to Israel to reconnect with his roots and himself.

This dark comedy musical heads hopefully into Act 2 after our leading man, Kobi, meets an age-appropriate woman and he begins to fall in love. BUT! He is finding more than love, he is finding himself— the self he lost so many years ago. He sings optimistically:

I feel the sun upon my skin. And I am someone, I am someone. You pulled my heart, I took it in. It made me someone, I am someone. And now I’m done, I’m coming home

It’s Ok: The Musical

On the heels of the #MeToo movement, it only makes sense for a musical exploring toxic male masculinity to emerge. The title track from the musical “It’s Ok: The Musical,” opens in act 2 as our male protagonist, Sean, has been struggling at work and has a very strained relationship with his father who won’t allow him to emote at all. Sean was warned by his teachers that he’d have to maintain a C+ average to remain on the wrestling team. After failing yet another exam our character is so distraught… His father chastizes him and he begins to cry. His father, a drunk, reacts negatively but our character doesn’t give in to his father’s heteronormative, alpha male antics. Sean sings out:

I can’t stay here longer. You cannot make me cry. So I will leave you to wonder. What will become of our lives. I’ll swallow hard. Fall apart. Break and bleed but you won’t see…

What musical are you booking your tickets to see?

What songs from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest do you think belong in a musical? Comment below!

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