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Hungary: Joci Pápai asks for pictures of fathers for Tel Aviv performance

There is still time to get involved!

Ahead of their performances at Eurovision, artists tend to remain secretive about their staging plans for the contest. However, MTVA have hinted at their staging concept for Tel Aviv by announcing an open call for fans to send pictures of their fathers. It is expected that these will be used for the LEDs at the contest.

In a big hint of what to expect from Az én apám’s staging, Hungarian broadcaster MTVA has made an open call for photos of fathers from around the world. Previously, Joci opened up about the song’s lyrics, which translates to “My Father”:

In this fast-paced world we have to slow down and pay close attention to our loved ones and show our love in the present, because if we lose them, it can create a very big wound.

Except of Joci’s interview with Bors about the lyrics of “Az én apám”

Could your dad appear on the Eurovision stage?

The open call details that anyone can submit a picture via [email protected]. You might want to hurry, because the deadline is tomorrow! (March 31st 2019). Submitters need to include their full name, email address and phone number in order to be eligible. Submitted photos will be shortlisted on the 3rd of April.

Full submission details can be found here.

The project is reminiscent of Malta’s 2014 and the United Kingdom’s performances, both of which included hundreds of selfies on their LED screens, respectively. Joci will perform Az én apám, with the photos, in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 on the 14th of May. Whilst the running order remains unknown, we know he will perform in the first half.

Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest

Hungary first appeared at Eurovision back in 1994 with Friderika Bayer’s ”Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet?” finishing in fourth place. So far, that is still Hungary’s best ever result at the contest.

In total, Hungary have taken part at the contest sixteen times. Ever since returning to the contest in 2011, they have managed to qualify for the Grand Final every year. After Kati Wolf was internally-selected for Düsseldorf, the broadcaster invented A Dal as their new national final. Their best results in the A Dal era are a fifth place in 2014 with “Running” by András Kállay-Saunders and Joci Pápai’s “Origo” finishing in eight place in 2017. Coincidentally, both acts returned to the A Dal final in 2019.

In 2018, the band AWS represented the country with their metal entry “Viszlát Nyár“. They also managed to qualify for the Grand Final in Lisbon, but then only finished in 21st with 93 points.

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