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Dana International confirms appearance at Eurovision final

Eurovision in Concert always is a place and time for news and rumours to be checked with certain artists. The same happened this time, when host Cornald Maas asked Dana International about the rumours of her being part of the final in Tel Aviv…

Presence or performance?

The Israeli singer wasn’t clear in her answer. She confirmed that she would indeed get a role during the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. It is very likely to be during the interval act, if we may believe her. Another beloved rumour for the interval act is American pop star Madonna.

Dana International attended Eurovision in Concert at AFAS Live in Amsterdam this weekend. She has been appearing in several shows this year to celebrate the return of Eurovision to Israel. Earlier this month, she appeared in Melodifestivalen to duet on “Diva to Diva” with 1999 winner Charlotte Perrelli. The winner of the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest opened Eurovision in Concert with her winning song “Diva”. Afterwards she announced the first 2019 act of the show, her fellow Israeli Kobi Marimi.

EBU and KAN have so far not released any information about the interval acts for the Eurovision Song Contest next month. As we previously mentioned, Madonna is rumoured to make an appearance there in similar fashion to Justin Timberlake in 2016. As soon as more information is revealed, we will of course report on that immediately!

How would you feel about Dana International being part of the interval act for Tel Aviv? Let us know!

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