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Emma Wortelboer and Nieves Álvarez confirmed as first two spokespersons

As the Eurovision Song Contest is approaching rapidly, we’re already looking forward to a new set of confirmations: No artists or stage directors this time, but spokespersons! The first two countries to confirm their spokespersons are The Netherlands and Spain

Emma Wortelboer’s campaign

The Dutch jury points on 18th May will be revealed by Emma Wortelboer. She is a 22 year old TV talent, who has been making name on shows such as Yung DWDD, where she acts as the roving reporter.

Being a big Eurovision fan, she started a campaign a while ago to convince AVROTROS to make her the spokesperson for Tel Aviv. She did a series on Yung DWDD called #EmmaDouzePoints to achieve her goal. Eventually the Dutch broadcaster agreed to give her the opportunity.

With the announcement of Emma Wortelboer as their spokesperson, the Netherlands change course looking at the past few years, when previous Eurovision entrants handed out their points. AVROTROS stated that Waylon, last year’s entrant with “Outlaw In ‘Em”, was happy to give Wortelboer the role for Tel Aviv. She did a little promotional video to confirm her role for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, which you can watch below:

Nieves Álvarez back for a third time

Spain have confirmed that 45 year old Nieves Álvarez will once again hand out their points in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The television host and former model will return to the spokesperson role once again.

She first took on the role in 2017, also repeating the gig in 2018. She rose to fame in the early 1990s as a model, doing shows and shoots for fashion brands like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Prada. Later in life, she hosted TV shows such as Solo Moda, a programme about the fashion industry.

We expect more countries to reveal their spokespersons in the next couple of weeks. Let us know who you want to see as the spokesperson for your country at the Grand Final in Tel Aviv!

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