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Italy’s Mahmood leading OGAE Poll 2019 after six votes

Six countries have now voted in the annual OGAE Poll. With seven votes now in, Italy have taken the lead. Mahmood has scored a total of 66 points with his “Soldi” already. He’s leading ahead of Duncan Laurence and Luca Hänni.

Nearly half the countries score points

Of the 41 competing entries in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, 20 have already managed to pick up points. Some of the noteworthy countries without a point so far are Albania, Unied Kingdom and Armenia. Thanks to Albania and France, both North Macedonia’s Tamara Todevska and San Marino’s Serhat have both scored a point already.

Iceland, France and Denmark decided to award their 12 points to the current leaders Italy, whereas both Albania and Armenia chose The Netherlands as their number one. Slovenia’s OGAE decided to go for a complete outsider by awarding their 12 to Denmark’s Leonora.

A long way to go

The six countries that have voted so far only make the start of a bigger picture. A total of 44 OGAE clubs will vote in the annual poll, which means we still need to hear from 38 countries. We will update you as soon as more results come in!

Last year, Netta Barzilai from Israel won the OGAE Poll with a commanding lead over runners-up Madame Monsieur, who represented France in Lisbon. Take a look at our OGAE Poll analysis right here to see how much of an indicator for Eurovision success it actually is!

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