MARUV shows sensuality in music video for “Siren Song”

BANG! It is here: The video we have all been waiting for. MARUV has dropped the official video for her single “Siren Song”. The winner of Vidbir 2019 shows the sensuality we saw on stage again in her video.

Blood, passion and a lot of leg

The video of “Siren Song” shows more leg than you can imagine. We’re seeing the by now typical choreo from MARUV, although the iconic leg gun is not as heavily featured as it was during Vidbir. In exchange, a lot of action happens with the behinds of the dancers in the video.

The final scenes of the video show MARUV in bed with her dancers, covered in what looks like blood, just after we see the Ukrainian singer pouring a whole bottle of red wine over her legs.

Victory at Vidbir

MARUV was called in as a late replacement at Vidbir this year after Tayanna withdrew from the event. Her “Siren Song” emerged victorious at the Grand Final there, picking up the maximum score from the televoters.

Drama and controversy however started soon. During the show, the jury at Vidbir questioned MARUV about her career in Russia. That led to issues after the show, when the broadcaster decided to ask MARUV to sign a contract, leading her to withdraw. Eventually, Ukraine also withdrew from the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Their withdrawal will not cause problems if they would wish to enter the contest in 2020… unless Russia win.

All in all, the video for “Siren Song” is a showcase of high heels, legs and stockings. Check it out below!

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