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Stig Rästa to be a backing vocal for Victor Crone at Eurovision

Estonia have revealed the names of their backing singers for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, ESCKAZ reports. Among the names currently revealed we see Eurovision veteran Stig Rästa, who represented his country back in 2015 and composed “Storm” for this year. He however isn’t the only one…

Four or five backing vocals

The exact amount of singers supporting Victor Crone at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv has not been decided upon yet. Four singers have for now been confirmed by the Estonian delegation. Stig Rästa is the most well known one. Kaido Põldma however has had even more Eurovision success than the “Goodbye To Yesterday” singer: He is part of Soul Militia, who were part of the 2001 winning act for Estonia, then called 2XL.

Dagmar Oja isn’t a newbie to the Eurovision circus either. She debuted as backing vocal for Ira Losco at the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in Tallinn, when she sang “7th Wonder”, finishing in second. Oja returned in 2006 to support Sandra Oxenryd in Athens. She also provided backing vocals for Jüri Pootsmann and Koit Toome & Laura in 2016 and 2017.

On those past two adventures, Kaire Vilgats was also present. She was also there for Tanja in 2014. Her debut however was way back in 2000, when Ines represented Estonia. Like Dagmar Oja, she also provided backing vocals for Ira Losco’s “7th Wonder”.

It could be that there’s a fifth backing vocal being called in to support Victor Crone in Tel Aviv. The Head of Delegation however couldn’t confirm that yet, but did mention that it would very likely be a Swedish singer.

New staging

The staging for “Storm” will drastically be revamped for the Eurovision Song Contest. We know Victor Crone will be alone on stage during the performance, which means his backing vocals will support him off stage. Details about the staging have not been revealed just yet. The delegation however did confirm that Saara Kadak, who joined Victor at Eesti Laul, will not be there in Tel Aviv.

Swedish singer Victor Crone won Eesti Laul back in March with “Storm”, a song written by Stig Rästa. Despite a relatively low jury score, the televoters brought him to the superfinal, where he convincingly beat the other entrants.

Estonia are set to take part in the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. Victor Crone will be the fourteenth act to take to the stage that night, following Hatari and preceeding Conan Osíris – two of the most discussed acts this year. Before that, Victor will bring his “Storm” to the London Eurovision Party at Café de Paris next Sunday as well!

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