Miki: “We have to take out our blindfold…” [Interview]

It was a crazy afternoon last Saturday in Amsterdam! During the press event before Eurovision in Concert, we had the opportunity to speak with Spain’s entrant for this year’s contest: Miki!

Making sure the message is understood

In our little chat, Spain’s hopeful for Tel Aviv highlighted that it will be important for people to understand what “La Venda” is all about and it is fair to say that he is confident they’ll manage to do exactly that when they arrive in Tel Aviv.

Now, Miki is surely surrounding himself with Eurovision knowledge… One of his backing vocals went to Eurovision before! Of course, he also shares his goal for the upcoming contest. Last but not least, the Spanish singer says he’d be killed by RTVE if he’d share some details…

Make sure you check out our interview with Miki below!

INTERVIEW: Miki ('La Venda' | Spain) // Eurovision In Concert Amsterdam 2019INTERVIEW: Miki (‘La Venda’ | Spain) // Eurovision In Concert Amsterdam 2019

Nick van Lith

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