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Oto Nemsadze keeps on going in official music video

Georgia have revealed the official music video for their Eurovision Song Contest 2019 entry, “Sul Tsin Iare (Keep On Going)”. The black and white video shows the essence of the song: The struggle of a country.

Barbed wires dividing the people

The official video for Oto Nemsadze’s Eurovision entry shows him wandering around the country. He then is confronted with barbed wire, dividing him from other parts of the country. He however maintains a positive spirit by telling himself – and the rest of Georgia – to keep on going. The man behind the video is director Giorgi Ebralidze.

Those paying close attention to the video will see a familiar face. Misho Javakhishvili features as one of Oto’s backing vocals. Javakhishvili represented Georgia at last year’s Eurovision as part of IRIAO, who didn’t make the final. The other backing vocals belong to Shavnabada, a traditional Georgian ensemble.

The song emphasises the power of music, as that is something we can clearly see in the lyrics. Those lyrics are, for the second time ever, fully in Georgian for the contest. The message the composers, Roman Giorgadze and Diana Giorgadze, were trying to deliver is that the barbed wires will one day disappear to unite Georgia.

We heal each other’s wounds by singing

Oto Nemsadze in “Keep On Going”

From Idol to Eurovision

Oto Nemsadze won the right to represent Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest during Georgian Idol earlier this year. In the final, he was given “Sul Tsin Iare” as his potential entry for Tel Aviv. With that song he defeated all other competitors and took the crown.

Since winning Georgian Idol, the 29 year old singer and his team have decided to give their entry an English title: “Keep On Going”. The lyrics will however stay fully in Georgian. Last Saturday, Oto Nemsadze performed at the Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam, where he impressed some of our team members, who named him as their winner of the night.

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