Serhat: “I didn’t finish my mission yet!” [Interview]

It is hard to deny that the Eurovision fandom has a thing for Serhat. The Turkish singer is going for his second Eurovision adventure, so we caught up with him in Amsterdam at Eurovision in Concert!

Unfinished business – and not a picnic!

At his second Eurovision Song Contest attempt for San Marino, we spoke to the 54 year old about his plans, hopes and previous work. Obviously, we had to discuss the reception to “Say Na Na Na”. Apart from that, we spoke about his 2018 single “Total Disguise” with Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou.

Serhat also told us he had unfinished business at the Eurovision Song Contest and that that is why he is now back to try and bring San Marino their best result, because Eurovision is a competition, he says!

The interview with Serhat is below. Check it out!

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