Eurovision Trivia: Chameleon’s Home

This week, some rumours afloat about performers, some information revealed on commentators, like everyone’s favourite BBC staff, and seven more entries that ESCXtra’s quizmaster has drafted questions about, based on which ones the rest of our team has been reviewing! This time, entries from Israel, Malta, Armenia, Albania, Germany, Latvia and Denmark are under the trivia spotlight, so follow those links to remind yourself of what we thought about them. It will help you in some questions, but not in others.

So, every question in this quiz is related to ESCXtra articles published during the last week. Maybe also a few days either side. Perhaps it was something being reported. Maybe it’s some information that our writers left in the article. Sometimes it’ll require a little bit of Eurovision knowledge outside of that. The majority of the answers will have been on this website very recently.

In any case, I hope you’ll join us and have an attempt at the very latest in Eurovision trivia. It’ll also serve as a useful reminder of the songs you’ve been listening to.

Minor technical note: I’ve noticed that sometimes the quizzes do not work in that you are unable to click on any of the answers. If this has happened to you, please try changing browsers, using a computer instead of mobile or updating them, this tends to fix the problem.

Kobi Marimi's Home received a dismal score from our Xtra Files review team, mostly for being what?

Kobi Marimi
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It's the worst entry, according to our team, reviewed so far, bad luck Israel. Guess they really don't want to win again.

The S!sters of Germany (who aren't really sisters). What were they using to walk around on in their stage show for Unser Lied fur Israel?

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It feels like so long since anyone's talked about Albania. They're taking the somewhat unusual step of keeping Ktheju tokës entirely in Albanian this year, how often have they done that this decade (including 2019)?

Jonida Maliqi
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The entries in question are Suus, Identitet, Mall, and Ktheju tokës, which also coincidentally happen to line up with the best four Albanian entries this decade, in my opinion.

Latvia are going for the calming but slightly quirky market with Carousel's That Night. Which famous singer did one of our reviewers say it reminds them of?

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Thanks Nick for giving me a good comparison. Only Melua out of that lot is quiet and breathy enough to be similar to Carousel.

Armenia's turn this year is powerful female vocals accompanied by some cool production. At what point in the song does Srbuk put in the most drama and energy?

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It's the final push that will probably decide Armenia's fate, let's hope Srbuk can put in a large amount of energy on stage to do it.

What popular modern genre, as noticed by several of our reviewers, does Malta's Chameleon show strong influences from in addition to its pop?

Michela Pace
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Denmark's Love Is Forever has taken the Eurovision trick of including 'love'-related lyrics in multiple languages. Which language of the following has she not included?

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While most of the song is sung in English, French and German are included, a couple of stansas for the former and one single line, 'Liebe ist für alle da' for the latter. It's also the first song to contain Danish in Eurovision since 1999! Which only leaves those poor Swedes out in the cold.

The BBC commenting team for Eurovision this year has been announced. Which popular member of the team in recent years will not be joining us in Tel Aviv this year?

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Mel didn't make it to Lisbon last year either, letting Rylan take her previous role, but was the UK spokesperson. Graham, Scott and Rylan are the official commentary team for the BBC.

Which famous popstar is currently 'confirmed' by one Israeli newspaper to be performing at Eurovision in Tel Aviv?

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This hasn't been confirmed by official sources yet, but the possibility of Madonna appearing has been rather strongly rumoured this year.

As of two days ago, which country's entry is currently leading the yearly OGAE poll?

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Looking good for Mahmood, as he's almost 20 points ahead of his nearest competitor as things stand. Note that only a small amount of country OGAE clubs have submitted their votes so far.

Eurovision Trivia: 10/04/2019
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