Eurovision Titbits: Antique reunite and Leonora goes for ballet

You better dance!

What’s Eurovision without a bit of dance? From the most complicated dance routines to full on professional dancers going for a singing career. Eurovision and dance are a combination that belongs together.

Melodifestivalen + Melodifestivalen = Let’s Dance!

Robin Bengtsson is currently taking part in Let’s Dance on TV4, Sweden’s version of Strictly Come Dancing. He’s doing quite well so far, but he and his partner struggled with the cha cha. Their request to ride a motorcycle on the dance floor was denied by TV4. You wonder why…

His partner is no stranger either: Sigrid Bernson. The professional dancer has been part of the Let’s Dance crew since 2011 and already won it twice – once with Benjamin Ingrosso! To us Eurovision lovers she’s most well known for singing “Patrick Swayze” at Melodifestivalen 2018. She was knocked out in Andra Chansen by Méndez.

Her revenge came a few weeks ago. Méndez also took part in Let’s Dance, but the “Everyday” singer and former candidate mayor of Valparaiso was knocked out… in week 1.

Ballet for Denmark?

Leonora’s been practising for her postcard for Eurovision 2019. Judging by her Instagram, it’s full of… ballet. As a former figure skater, one can imagine her doing quite well with a ballet routine.

The rest of Leonora’s time in Tel Aviv was spent with a winter hat on, doing interviews with all sorts of media.

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