Eurovision Titbits: Antique reunite and Leonora goes for ballet

Vocals, vocals, vocals!

Before Eurovision, you need to rehearse. Wake up, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and go back to bed. One of the elements of rehearsing for the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv is vocal practice, as we can see from Katerine Duska and Serhat.

The cold front is gone

At the Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam, Katerine Duska mentioned she was suffering from a cold. It affected her performance a little, but now it’s time for her to take away the doubt.

In a short Instagram clip, the Greek entrant for Tel Aviv shows the world that, with a vocal arrangement by Alexandros Livitsanos, she can carry the tune of “Better Love”. Here she is, practising with her girls:

No sound, more juice

Serhat on the other hand knows how to raise the roof and build a party. He’s keeping his vocal excercises nice and simple. Together with a coach, he’s in Frankfurt right now to rehearse.

Standing behind a table with all sorts of juices, water and fruit on it, Serhat throws a party with his “Say Na Na Na”. Just look at the woman next to him!

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