Eurovision Titbits: Antique reunite and Leonora goes for ballet


Eurovision artists are in focus around the globe. They speak out on matters that manage most to them… As we could see this week as well. Australia for example need to make their minds up during Eurovision. Not just who they want to see lifting the trophy there, but also who’s to be their next Prime Minister, as the General Election has been called for 18 May…

Digital leadership in Malta

Christabelle has been chosen as Malta’s digital leader in the European Union. The “Taboo” singer is now encouraging all of her followers to vote during the European Elections between 23 and 26 May.

Sierra Loreene

Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen has been updating her Instagram with stories from Sierra Leone lately. She was there this week to discuss education and the future of the country. The “Euphoria” singer met up with UNICEF Representative for Sierra Leone, Dr. Hamid El Bashir-Ibrahim and his Deputy, Rushna Murtaza.

Political engagement is nothing new for the Swedish-Moroccan singer, who agreed to meet human rights activists in Azerbaijan during her Eurovision time, speaking out for human rights in Azerbaijan.

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