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Watch: Sneak peek of Eurovision 2019 postcards

First clips are here!

A short sneak peek of the Eurovision 2019 postcards was uploaded today on the official YouTube channel of the contest. This year’s postcards include lots of dancing and Israel’s beautiful landscapes.

Eurovision 2019 postcards

The artists from the 41 participating countries have travelled to Israel over the past months to film their postcards. This year’s postcards combine presenting the competing artists with promoting the host country.

On the sneak peek we can see Spain’s Miki dancing on a football field, Israel’s Kobi Marimi tackling more traditional partner dancing and Finland’s Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman celebrating in front of Tel Aviv’s skyline. The video also includes a part of Israel’s Eurovision 1978 winning entry “A-Ba-Ni-Bi”.

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Sami Luukela

I started watching Eurovision back in 2006, when I was only 10 and couldn't stay up to see Lordi winning. I attended my first contest in 2013 in Malmö. I'm studying journalism and I love music — you will probably never see me without my headphones on.
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