Eurovision Trivia: Scream Up a Storm

And now, this Wednesday morning, the trivia. Questions about postcards, confirmations of performers, and seven more entries that ESCXtra’s quizmaster has drafted questions about, based on which ones the rest of our team has been reviewing! This time, entries from Belgium, Russia, Estonia, North Macedonia, Belarus, Poland and Georgia are under the trivia spotlight, so follow those links to remind yourself of what we thought about them. It will help you in some questions, but not in others.

Therefore, every question in this quiz is related to ESCXtra articles published during the last week. Maybe also a few days either side. Perhaps it was something being reported. Maybe it’s some information that our writers left in the article. Sometimes it’ll require a little bit of Eurovision knowledge outside of that. The majority of the answers will have been on this website very recently.

In any case, I hope you’ll join us and have an attempt at the very latest in Eurovision trivia. It’ll also serve as a useful reminder of the songs you’ve been listening to.

Minor technical note: I’ve noticed that sometimes the quizzes do not work in that you are unable to click on any of the answers. If this has happened to you, please try changing browsers, using a computer instead of mobile or updating them, this tends to fix the problem.

This week, KAN revealed their guest acts. One of these is Netta, but which Eurovision act from another country from 2018 is also making an appearance?

Netta to release new music this summer
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What popular TV series did our reviewers associate Russia's 'Scream' with based on both its sound and its video?

Sergey Lazarev
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The video having a medieval fantasy theme and the slow building nature were both giveaways that Russia is aiming for fantasy fans.

Georgia's 'Keep On Going' got the lowest score so far in our reviews. What is the best way to describe this rather inscrutable song?

Oto Nemsadze
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You must be able to feel the intensity in Oto's voice, even if you don't speak Georgian and can't understand much else. Incidentally, I think it's one of the best in the contest so I absolutely disagree with our team on this one!

What influences from a famous dance artist does Victor Crone's Storm have?

Victor Crone
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Yes it's derivative but deny me that it's invigorating, just like Avicii was at his height.

Tulia's Pali się (Fire Of Love) is a fire of cacophonous voices. Most of the song is in Polish, but some verses contain English. How many?

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The song both starts and ends in English. Might be where that gets the most attention.

Belarus' 'Like It' is a fun pop song, but it may be fair to say it isn't the most standout song in the contest. However there are some statistics in which Zena does trump everyone else. What are they?


Please select 2 correct answers

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At 16, Zena is the youngest artist at the contest, almost 40 years younger than the oldest, which is San Marino's Serhat. She shares the shortest stage name with Miki from Spain, so that one isn't correct. She's also the last alphabetically, in case you thought that was a trick answer based on Cyrillic shenanigans, I'm not that mean. But it did cross my mind.

This is the first appearance of North Macedonia under their new name, Tamara is sending a powerful ballad that is hoping to get the country back in the final for the first time since...?

Tamara Todevska
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Could this finally be the one? North Macedonia always struggles standing out but our team collectively rated it a lot higher than I would have expected. Watch for it.

Belgium has gone down their dark pop route again, so which Belgian entry do our reviewers think Eliot's Wake Up is most like?

Wake Up Eliot
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It does sound a lot like that entry. Maybe similar success is around the corner?

The Eurovision postcards have given us a sneak peek at a very colourful array of landscapes that our Eurovision acts are dancing around. What notable location is Spain's Miki at?

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As of the latest update with the OGAE polls, with Hungary and Iceland submitting their votes, which two songs are behind current leader Italy?

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Eurovision Trivia - 17/04/2019
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