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Michael Rice shows inspirational story in “Bigger Than Us” music video

The United Kingdom’s entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Michael Rice, has revealed the music video for his song “Bigger Than Us”. In the video, we see an inspirational story between two kids and the importance of acceptance.

It’s all in the family

The storyline features two children. A girl is apparently having her first day at a new school, which is a difficult moment. She however gets along well with a boy sitting next to her in class. They click over the topic ‘space’.

When the boy and the girl hang out after school, his parents pull him away. It turns out the girl has two fathers, something his parents cannot accept.

The two youngsters however won’t let their newborn friendship get lost so easily. They run away from home together at night to visit the observatory and look at the stars. Eventually their parents find them. They then seem to accept the friendship between the two kids.

The boy in the video is no stranger to Michael Rice. For the video, Michael asked his own little brother to play the role of the boy, a role he gladly accepted.

Michael Rice responded on Twitter to the release of his own music video. He said the following:

Watch it here!

You can see the official music video for “Bigger Than Us” below. Let us know what you think!

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