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Denmark: Leonora reveals staging details

The giant chair will be shipped to Tel Aviv!

In an interview with Eurovoix, Denmark’s Leonora has revealed some hints about what to expect from her staging in Tel Aviv. The 20-year-old had won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with the song “Love is Forever”. The whimsical national final staging featured a giant chair and two extras joining Leonora on stage.

Speaking to our friends over at Eurovoix, Leonora has given some teasers about what to expect from her performance of “Love is Forever” on the Eurovision stage. Despite performing at a number of pre-parties this month (Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Moscow), little has been known about what Denmark have been planning. A big question mark has been hovering over whether they will be bringing the big ol’ chair over to Israel.

Regarding her staging, Leonora said the following:

We are almost doing the same artful performance that supports the message of the song, and I like it a lot! We will be bringing the giant chair to Tel Aviv, and it perfectly visualizes what I want to communicate through the song: That we have to elevate ourselves above all the useless quarrels and conflicts of everyday life – and instead focus on how love is a universal thing that connects us all. To me, the chair helps convey very powerful imagery.

Leonora speaking to Eurovoix about her staging

Judging by that, we can expect very similar staging to her MGP performance in Tel Aviv next month! We recently caught up with Leonora in Madrid, and she confirmed that the chair is currently being reconstructed in Tel Aviv, alongside the news that she’s working on a second single.

Who is Leonora?

Leonora Colmor Jepsen is only 20 years old, but has already won a number of awards, both for her music and her ice skating. For a number of years, Leonora has written her own songs. Alongside her studies, she would perform at cafés, libraries and at intimate concerts around Denmark. Now, she is recording a number of songs with other songwriters and hopes to record an album.

Love is Forever is co-written by Lise Cabble, one of the songwriters for Emmelie de Forest’s Only Teardrops, which won the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö! Lise is joined by Melanie Wehbe and Emil Lei. Back in February, Leonora won this year’s DMGP with 42% of the vote in the super final.

Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest

Denmark first appeared in the contest in the second edition in 1957 and participated a total of 46 times. It has won the contest three times: in 1963 with Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann, in 2000 with the Olsen Brothers and 2013 with Emmelie de Forest. Since the introduction of the semi-finals in 2004, it failed to reach the final on four occasions.

Last year, Rasmussen’s “Higher Ground”  flew the Danish flag in Lisbon. He reached 9th place in the grand final with 229 points, having won the televote in semi-final 2. This marked Denmark’s first top 10 result since 2014 when the contest took place on home soil. Leonora will be aiming for a streak; she will perform 7th in the second semi-final on Thursday May 16 in Tel Aviv.

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