A duck egg for Easter: Nil points at the Eurovision Song Contest

The past couple of years the search for eggs at the Eurovision Song Contest has been rather difficult. It’s not easy to achieve zero points on the total scoreboard. However, during Easter time we at love to dive into the history of duck eggs at the contest. Time for a journey through history!

Click through the pages below to pass through the history books of Eurovision!

Double-yolk for the Netherlands

The first time we ever saw nil points at the Eurovision Song Contest was in 1962. And the Gods of Zero didn’t start lightly: Four countries went home without a point from Villa Louvigny in Luxembourg. One of those four acts was De Spelbrekers from The Netherlands. Their song “Katinka”, about keeping a close eye at a girl they see every single morning. Despite going home with nil points, the song achieved a legendary status in its home country. This was increased when De Kleinkeinder covered the song for the carnaval period and turned it into a song about eating sausages

The Dutch misfortune at the contest didn’t stop there. A year later, Annie Palmen represented her country with “Een Speeldoos”. Once again Europe didn’t quite rate the entry of The Netherlands: Another nil points for them!

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