A duck egg for Easter: Nil points at the Eurovision Song Contest

Hero to zero: Domenico Modugno

Volare, oh, oh
Cantare, oh, oh, oh, oh

Who doesn’t know these lyrics? “Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu” might just be the most famous song to ever grace the Eurovision stage – and it didn’t even win! Domenico Modugno entered the song to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1958 and finished in third. It sparked a Eurovision love for the Italian singer, who returned to the contest in 1959 with “Piove”.

His Eurovision story should perhaps have ended there: A third and sixth place, a worldwide hit and a two time Festival di Sanremo winner. But it wasn’t enough for Modugno, who entered the contest once more in 1966. “Dio, Come Ti Amo” didn’t impress as much as his previous two entries… In fact, it didn’t impress at all: Italy finished last without a point – their first and only nil points ever.

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