A duck egg for Easter: Nil points at the Eurovision Song Contest

Mile after mile towards… zero

The new voting system at the Eurovision Song Contest was introduced in 1975. Instead of each jury member giving out one point to their ultimate favourite, we now had juries giving out points to their full top ten. It resulted in less nil points than we had before. We had to wait until 1978.

Jahn Teigen is a cult figure in Eurovision circles in Norway. He’s been a participant in MGP for more times than most of us can remember. His first go at the Eurovision Song Contest came in 1978, when he sang the extravagant “Mil Etter Mil”. In the song, Jahn asks his lover to search him when they long for it. However, all Jahn Teigen and Norway found at the end of the night was… a duck egg. Nil points for Norway!

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