A duck egg for Easter: Nil points at the Eurovision Song Contest

Who sails my boat!? And where are my points!?

One of the most iconic contests we’ve seen under the 1975 voting system was the Eurovision Song Contest 1983. Aside from the fact that host Marlene Charell insisted on announcing everything in three different languages, it was also the first time Australia broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest.

Two countries finished at the bottom of the pile without a single point. Turkey’s Çetin Alp mentioned a whole lot of operas, but couldn’t impress the juries. Even more iconic the passionate cry for a boat to be sailed.

Spain decided to go for a traditional and very Spanish effort for Munich. Remedios Amaya, a Spanish Romani flamenco singer, entered the staging in a white and blue dress, barefoot, crying for someone to sail her boat: “¿Quién maneja mi barca?”. It led British commentator Terry Wogan to saying the famous words “very, very ethnic indeed”.

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