A duck egg for Easter: Nil points at the Eurovision Song Contest

A disastrous debut

In the 1990s, the Eurovision Song Contest grew. More and more nations joined Europe’s greatest party after the Iron Curtain fell. In both 1993 and 1994, new nations entered the contest. Seven of those debuted in 1994: Poland, Russia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and… Lithuania.

Some of these did really well: Poland finished in second, Hungary in fourth. The Baltics however didn’t fare well at all. Estonia’s “Nagu Merelaine” by Silvi Vrait picked up just two points. But that was still two more than Ovidijus Vyšniauskas. Lithuania’s debut song, “Lopšinė Mylimai”, was a lullaby which sadly predicted its own faith:

You are, untouched by me

It indeed seems the European juries were untouched by the Lithuanian debut. We’ve found another egg: It’s nil points.

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