A duck egg for Easter: Nil points at the Eurovision Song Contest

A backfiring gift

We all love it when we get a gift. But sometimes a gift turns right against you. The same happened to Germany’s Ann Sophie back in 2015, when her Eurovision adventure, a gift from Andreas Kümmert, turned out to be a poisoned chalice…

Wildcard Ann Sophie took part in the German national final for Eurovision in 2015. She lost. Andreas Kümmert won the show with over 70% of the vote, but felt his anxiety was taking the upper hand. In one of the most baffling moments in national final history, he decided to hand his victory to Ann Sophie and her song “Black Smoke”.

What a gift! Representing your country in front of millions and millions of people with a song of your own. It didn’t end well, though. She finished dead last in the contest, together with host country Austria and their act The Makemakes, and went back to Germany with a nil points to her name.

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