Yes, please! Lea Sirk revealed as Slovenia’s spokesperson

Slovenia have become the next person to announce their spokesperson for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. RTVSLO have asked last year’s representative Lea Sirk to take on the honourable task next month.

Lea’s return

Last year, Lea Sirk took part in Slovenia’s national final EMA. Her song “Hvala, Ne!” finished as clear winner with the juries. The fact that both BQL and Nuška Drašček were ahead of her in the televote did not impact the victory Lea would take home from EMA.

Despite relatively low hopes going into the Lisbon contest, Lea Sirk managed to push through to the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. She placed eighth in the semifinal with 132 points, enough to qualify. In the final, Slovenia placed 23rd with 64 points.

This year, we saw Lea Sirk back in EMA. She was part of the jury and was visibly surprised when Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl managed to beat Raiven in the superfinal.

Girl power

Slovenia are a certainty when it comes to bringing girl power to the voting segment at Eurovision. Ever since 2012, different ladies have presented their votes for the contest during the Grand Final. These have sometimes been former entrants, such as Marjetka Vovk or Maja Keuc. However, other notable Slovenians have also had the chance before, such as actress Katarina Čas. The last man to give out the Slovenian votes was celebrated television host Klemen Slakonja back in 2011.

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