ESCXTRA: Live from Tel Aviv

Here is the official rehearsal schedule for Eurovision 2019!

The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner! Today, sources have informed us of the official rehearsal schedule for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest! As of publication, we believe this to be the most up to date version of the schedule, although changes may be expected as we near closer to the start of rehearsals. We will update the below graphic if any changes do occur.

It’s time to find out when your favourite countries will be rehearsing…

Rehearsals begin on May 4th!

We have taken all the information and made it available to read on a single image! Hopefully, this will make the schedule easier for both us and you to digest and refer back to as rehearsals get underway.

In our image below, we’ve also included the expected start times of our daily live stream from the press centre where our ESCXTRA team members on the ground in Tel Aviv will give you the best rehearsals coverage possible. This includes live audio from rehearsals, live interactive interviews with artists and much more fun and games!

So what are you waiting for, check out your 2019 rehearsal schedule below!

Note: On day one of rehearsals (4th May), Czech Republic and Montenegro have been switched in the order. Czech Republic will be rehearsing second and Montenegro will be rehearsing sixth.

If the image is too hard to read, simply right click on the image and “open in new tab”. You will then be able to zoom in where necessary!

This means we are now just days away from the beginning of rehearsals for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest! Of course, ESCXTRA will be in the press centre in Tel Aviv reporting live from the rehearsals as they happen. Make sure you stay tuned for all of our plans to bring you the best coverage possible for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest!

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