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My Eurovision Pre-Party Experience: Part 3 (London)

It's the penultimate Pre-Party I'm attending :(

With rehearsals in Tel Aviv starting shortly, I’m taking this chance to reflect on the pre-party season and the amazing experience I have over the past month and looking into what is in store for Tel Aviv.

In this article, I am looking at my experience attending the London Eurovision Party, which is the third pre-party of the season.

Running on Adrenaline and Loving It!

The week leading up to the London Eurovision Party has been busy. As per the previous two articles, the weekend before that, I was in Amsterdam for Eurovision in Concert. Then the following Thursday, I went to Riga for their Pre-Party. By the time Sunday arrived, I was a bit sleepy (what even is sleep?) Nevertheless, I was excited to head to London.

After waking up at 4 AM, I was ready to face the coach ride to London and before I know it, I have arrived in London once again. Soon enough, it was 9AM, people are already busy getting everything set up. As the day went by the Eurovision Bus has arrived and artists have their sound checks and head on over to the press venue for interviews.

Interviews with NF artists

One of the main things I really love about the London Eurovision Party is that they don’t just invite the artists that participate in the contest that year, they also invite artists who have previously participated or have participated in the National Final season.

At this years London Eurovision Party, I was given the chance to interview Anna Bergendahl (who participated in this years Melodifestivalen in Sweden, as well as representing Sweden in Oslo in 2010), where I asked her about coming back to Melodifestivalen and asking if she knew how much her UK fans love her.

It was a dream to interview Anna and I hope she returns to Melodifestivalen

The other person I had a chance to interview was SuRie, who represented the United Kingdom in 2018 with the song ‘Storm’, where I asked her how she feels about the support her fans give her and also asking what is the next chapter for her.

Working the ESCXTRA Family

Part of doing the London Eurovision Party is working with the other members of the team, which is lovely because we only meet up like this once or twice a year and we always have a laugh whenever we do the live stream before the Party begins.

Wouldn’t have it any other way <3

Overall, the London Eurovision Party is a highlight each year, I get to work with the other members of the XTRA team and we get the chance to bring our readers/viewers great content they would expect. I’d like to thank Russell and Kabir for once again organising such a great show and I am looking forward to the next one :).

If you would like to see the XTRA Live Stream from this year’s LEP, you can do so by clicking here. If you would like to watch the interviews we did with some of the artists, you can do so by clicking here. And, if you would like to see the performances from this year’s London Eurovision Party, you can do so by clicking here.

Thank You very much for reading this article. If you like what you have just read, then stick around, Part four is coming up where I talk about my experience from attending Madrid’s Pre-Party ES.

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Tim Jumawan

I started watching Eurovision ever since I moved to the UK in 2006, obsessed since 2012 and haven't looked back since.

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