Italy wins the OGAE Poll with Mahmood’s “Soldi”, full results here!

Mahmood has become the winner of the annual OGAE Poll. He becomes Italy’s third OGAE winner in five years time. His song “Soldi” managed to pick up 411 points, just enough to stay clear of Luca Hänni and Duncan Laurence.

Ten points between the top three

The top three was incredibly close this time around. After a lot of trading places between the three leading gentlemen, Italy eventually managed to stay in the lead as the last votes from EC Germany came in. Five points behind the 411 Mahmood had, we find Luca Hänni from Switzerland. In third place, we see Duncan Laurence from The Netherlands, who scored 401 points.

The five point margin between the top two is the smallest margin in years. Previously, the smallest gap was seven points. The wide open year of 2011 saw Kati Wolf from Hungary win the OGAE Poll with 277 points. Second place went to France, as Amaury Vassili picked up 270 points. Neither act eventually managed to do as well at the Eurovision Song Contest.

A line of succession

Ever since Italy returned to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011, they’ve been a true powerhouse in the OGAE voting. They won twice already. Both Il Volo and Francesco Gabbani topped the fan voting.

Only three times did they finish outside the top ten. Raphael Gualazzi in 2011 came twelfth, whilst last year’s Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro finished in thirteenth. Interestingly, both acts went on to finish inside the top five at the actual contests. The only act not to do so was Emma. Despite her eleventh placed finish in the 2014 OGAE Poll and megastar status in Italy, she couldn’t bring “La Mia Città” a better result than 21st.

Full results this year

A total of 29 countries scored points this year. Behind the previously mentioned top three, we see a few clear groups. Norway, Cyprus and Sweden followed the top three on quite a distance, but were never in danger of falling out of the top six.

The same goes for numbers seven through nine, where we find Azerbaijan, Iceland and Russia. Tenth placed Greece picked up 89 points, with Spain and Malta following Katerine Duska.

The gap behind Malta’s 64 points is relatively big: France’s Bilal Hassani claims thirteenth place with 25 points. At the end of the scoreboard we find Hungary, Latvia and Australia. They ‘only’ have two points, still more than twelve other countries who sadly finish without a single point this year.

Below you can see the full results with the votes from every single club that voted. Also make sure you check out our analysis of what OGAE results may mean for the upcoming contest. Note: Germany has two affiliated clubs, with both OGAE Germany and EC Germany delivering a set of points.

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