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Avrotros reveals preview show ‘Op Weg Naar Het Songfestival’ guests

As has become tradition by now, Avrotros will once again air three preview shows for the Eurovision Song Contest. The Netherlands traditionally broadcast the shows right before the three Eurovision shows. The Dutch broadcaster has now revealed the guests for this year’s “Op Weg Naar Het Songfestival”.

Spokespersons, fans and former entrants

The list of guests is one we might’ve expected from the Netherlands. On the list, we see this year’s spokesperson for the country, Emma Wortelboer. Joining her is former entrant Gerard Joling. He finished ninth at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1988 and was supposed to represent the nation once more in 2007, but withdrew due to a lack of time.

Joling is one of the pundits who most often gets asked to comment on the Eurovision Song Contest entries. The same goes for Carlo Boszhard, an actor, television host and Eurovision fan. He will appear together with his mother, who has featured on his TV shows before.

You can see the full list of guests below:

  • Carlo Boszhard – actor, TV host
  • Wil Boszhard – Carlo Boszhard’s mother
  • Maurice Wijnen – musical theatre producer
  • Albert Verlinde – TV expert, theatre executive director
  • Emma Wortelboer – TV host
  • Annemieke Schollaardt – NPO Radio 2 DJ
  • Gerard Joling – singer
  • Berget Lewis – singer
  • Rutger Vink – YouTube celebrity, known as Furtjuh
  • Koos van Plateringen – journalist

Op Weg Naar Het Songfestival

The preview “Op Weg Naar Het Songfestival” is not a new feature on Dutch television. It’s been a series that has continued for many years. In previous years, the show followed the Dutch act on its way to the contest itself, hence the title “On The Road To The Eurovision Song Contest”.

In recent outings, it’s been more of a preview shows where the pundits comment on each of the entries taking part at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The preview show is aired at 20:30 CET on the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday before the shows. Each preview lasts a maximum of thirty minutes.

Are you looking forward to Op Weg Naar Het Songfestival this year? Let us know!

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