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Sarah McTernan confirms ’50s diner vibe’ for Eurovision staging

Ireland are going retro! Sarah McTernan, their entrant this year, has confirmed her staging plans for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest on the Ray D’Arcy Show earlier today. “22” will have the vibe of a 50s diner, the singer said.

Colourful fun

The announcement on RTÉ Radio One was the first time Sarah McTernan was allowed to speak about her staging for the upcoming contest. She mentioned that the song will have the vibe of a 50s diner. She described it as ‘colourful and fun’.

The 50s diner vibe already was one of the hottest rumours regarding Sarah’s staging. Her first ever live performance, on Dancing With The Stars, already featured props indicating that this could be the way to go for the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

Sarah won’t be alone on stage. She will bring two dancers to the contest. One of them is Adele Dempsey, who has previously worked together with Johnny Logan and Jedward on tours they did. She specialises in Irish dance, just like her colleague Rihanna Binns. Binns is a five time Irish dance champion and will now accompany Sarah in Tel Aviv as well.


Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest often describe the month of May as their “Christmas”. Sarah McTernan pretty much used the same words. She’s very excited to travel to Israel to represent Ireland there, even though the flight is very early in the morning. She described the feeling as being a “child on Christmas morning”.

Sarah McTernan will perform her song “22” in the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in two weeks, where she’ll perform as #2. Can she bring Ireland its second consecutive final placement?

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